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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Comfort of being with family

As I said before, we went down to Comfort for the winter.
Like birds, we migrated south to the Grit 'N Glitter Ranch.

I had cabin fever after being cooped up in a house with three kids, no neighbors, no friends nearby, no social outlets, no places to shop and see other people, and the most exciting thing here being a goat fair.  
Ryan moved the RV down there.  Shane had MacGyver'd the road and the hookups so we could squeeze into little Sursaville.  
Within a few days of being there, the girls had already broken the bird bath.  By broken, I mean knocked the cement bowl off the stand... all 780 pounds of it... onto the ground... barely missing their toes.  They colored all over EVERYTHING IN SIGHT with their chalk.  It looked like a semi-polite gang of thugs had swooped by, really wanting to be rebellious and edgy, but not wanting to be too offensive or permanent.  Instead of knives, they carried sticks. 
Tay ate every one of Sandra's cactus leaves - not the whole thing, just a bite out of each one.  Maybe it was in hopes that the next tasted better than the previous.  Gotta admire her tenacity and dedication. She left little wads of wet toilet paper origami ALL over Shane's bathroom, and painted Shane's bathtub with a bar of soap.  She is always weird, but she went bat poop crazy out in the wilderness.  Full on feral child.
They were fighting dog aliens

So many of these.  So many.

 Her face is covered in frosty pink lip gloss.

 Christian found a spearhead!

Yep. Tay is wearing a helmet.

And we all had lots of shooting shenanigans with Shane:

I love the way he teaches CK.  
Its always about respect and safety, which applies to all things.

 Adam used his pistol like a machine gun. 

(Lets not look to closely at the back of the 9th months pregnant chic.  Ew.)

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